Istanbul and New Music


I’m writing this posting from my 6th floor hotel room at the Marmara Hotel, off of the main drag in Istanbul, as I allow my mind catch up with what my body has been up to the last several days.

Last night, the Timuçin Şahin Quartet, featuring Thomas Morgan on Bass and Enric Monfort on Percussion, performed last night in Izmir Sanat to a rather attentive crowd. Timuçin’s music, though incredibly compelling as it is elusive, is not the easiest of music for the average music listener, let alone, for a voracious music lover for the full duration of an entire concert, but none the less, the audience sat attentively, applauding and cheering throughout the night. It was a complete with good humor and spirit, and the energy will help fuel what will be a continuation of what started last night.

This Saturday, Timuçin Şahin’s New Music ensemble, The Occult Ensemble, will be going in to record a brand new album of some of his more recent repertoire at the illustrious recording studio in the heart of Istanbul, Babajim, followed immediately by a concert at the Borusan Müzik Evi. A long, but surely rewarding day will be had and I am grateful to be apart of the process.
I will have more news to share in the oncoming days, but it is my hope that this news posting finds you in excellent spirits. Till then, please feel free to check in with the Itinerary section for my up coming shows in New York.