Returning From Czech Republic


Greetings All,

As is always my wish, may this posting find you in a peaceful place in your life. I feel right kind of all sorts of emotions today. It being Hallows Eve, my little cat Macho without his Superman Costume (oh yes), and some jet lag to contend with, the feeling in the Grohowski compound is quite somber but content. The experience when touring with Slet Bubeniku is always, always uplifting and positive. Working with people like Zdenek Bina, Pavel Fajt, Tomas Reindl, Ephraim Goldin, Milos Vacik, Pavel Koudelka, and everyone in the crew and the people we meet along the way, my interactions with them always leave me changed for the better, allowing me to return to New York with a new perspective and a changed heart. For this, I am always, Always eternally grateful for their music, their craft, their art, and most importantly, their spirit. With this, I am glad to always return Czech Republic to be part of the magik that is Slet Bubeniku. So for those of you who saw us this year, I will see you again next year!

As for the rest of the year, and as always, please check in my Itinerary section for upcoming shows and events. For now, I will close this note with a thank you to all of you, those who read these words and those who do not, and may Peace, Happiness, and personal evolution find its way into your hearts and minds. Till next time, be well.