The Update! April 23rd, 2012



I know it’s been quite a while since the last post but a lot has taken place since then, so hunker down and brace yourself, and I will do my best to not drag this on too long!

I’m sure as some of you can see, Resolution 15 was Successful in it’s kickstarter campaign! To those of you who supported this effort, you have my humblest thanks. I’ve been slated to start recording the drum tracks at the end of this month with Stacy O’Dell at Spin Studios. It will be my first time recording in Greenpoint, but I’m sure the end result will be quite epic.

In keeping with recording news, I have recently received a mastered copy of Shanir Blumenkranz’s upcoming album for his new group, ABRAXAS, featuring the music of John Zorn’s Book of Angels! It’s been a huge honor to be part of this project and I have to say, it was quite fun playing blast beats, bayons, funk, weird sounds, and all the added Moroccan vibes to this music. Look for the album to come out sometime later this year in leu of our upcoming performance at the Marciac Music Festival!

Also in recording news, Earlier this month Dapp Theory completed tracking for a brand new full-length album with acclaimed bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets, Allan Holdsworth) in the producer’s seat. Though are slated days were shortened, we managed to pull off getting all tracking done within the shortened period of time! Considering that Dapp Theory was one of my favorite bands when I first moved to New York in the early 2000’s, it’s been an honor to be playing with them for the last couple of years and to be finally on an album is nothing short of humbling. Sean Rickman and Mark Prince have both been important influences on my playing and I hope that this record in some way does what they created justice while still keeping with the new direction the band has taken over the last two years. Look for this album to come out later this year as the story unfolds.

In metal news, my wonderful mug appeared recently in a music video for Thrash Metaller’s Indestructible Noise Command for their new music video, Fist of Fascista! The video, I have to say, is Really Badass and worth checking out! Cool dudes and good times were had by all at the making of this video.

Also in metal news, I’m proud to announce that HUNG has successfully returned from our main-stage performance at the 2012 New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, and quite frankly, I’m almost speechless. It was an amazing time, and it was incredibly awesome and inspiring to see George Kollias live with Nile, as well as bands like Periphery, Protest The Hero and so many other killer bands that were there. It was an honor to share the stage with so many luminaries and it was reinvigorating, to say the least. I will write more about this on the Metal Musings From The Throne blog later this week. Also in the world of HUNG, on April 28th we will be having our Album-Listening Party  at the famous Duff’s from about 10PM till whenever Jimmy says “Go Home.” Also, on May 3rd HUNG will have the great honor of hosting it’s Album Release Party at Brooklyn’s Trash Bar. It will be a momentous occasion where we will actually get the chance to play our entire debut self-titled album from beginning to end and anyone who pays the cost of admission not only gets one of our newly made shirts, but also a copy of the album! Did i mention there will also be an open bar and you get to hear the whole album LIVE?! This will coincide with day 1 of our upcoming swing tour throughout the North American East Coast that will coincide with the May 8th album release, something we are all quite excited about! Check here and also HUNG’s website for more details on the tour.


I think that is about it for now, or at the very least, should be it since I need to get ready for Zinc Bar tonight, But I hope this message as always, finds you in the place that you need to be in. Until next time, be well and I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!