Post Secret Chiefs 3 Tour and December 2012


Greetings All,

I’ve begun to write this from a coffee shop in midtown Manhattan, though I’m sure I won’t finish this writing here. By the sheer fact that I’m updating this site, you can safely surmise that I’ve returned from the Secret Chiefs 3 tour of Europe. That is, of course, if the title wasn’t enough of a give away for you. Myself and Toby Driver arrived Tuesday afternoon to a thankfully not-so-crowded JFK International Airport, only to take what would have been the most roundabout and costly way to either of our Brooklyn homes via a very frustrated cabbie. (He spent a good chunk of time in traffic riffing at some chick on the phone). But that’s the beauty of living in a major metropolitan city, and though breakfast in Paris’ red light district was no where near as gross as you’re thinking (more like a park slope brunch, but at a restaurant called Twinkie; I shit you not), there’s No place like home!

For all intents and purposes, the SC3 tour was a huge success and incredible amount of fun was had by all. It’s somewhat strange that it is all over now and everyone is back to their “regular routines” considering how intensely this band tours. Everyday there’s a new show, possibly in a different country, but never really a day off (with the exception of one day where the gig fell through), constant load in, setup, soundcheck, show, break down, load out, rinse & repeat. After a while, it becomes hypnotic; The lack of sleep coupled with the constant lifting and moving into fully rocked-out shows, then back to reality and manuel labor,  it soon becomes a physical and spiritual high. But after about 6 weeks, it’s nice to be able to come back to a place like New York and say, “Ah, back to normalcy!” I think for most people, calling NYC normal would be a rather strange leap in logic. Then again, I tend to favor strange leaps in logic.

With the Secret Chiefs 3 tour now sufficiently concluded, rental drum set damn near destroyed by all of Timba’s attempts to tackle myself and the drum set into oblivion, which mind you, took place four times on this tour- My knees are still trying to recover from this- it is time that I tell you about some upcoming music for the remainder of the month of December!

For the week of December 10th, Dapp Theory will be heading back into the studio after concluding a successful Kickstarter campaign to record the final material for the new upcoming full length. Along with this, I will be making two appearances with Ze Luis, the first being with his Quartet at Nublu as part of the annual Nublu Jazz Festival on Wednesday the 12th, opening for Forro In The Dark. The second showing will be this coming Friday, the 14th, with Ze Luis‘ Soul Samba Orchestra at the Houndstooth Pub. To conclude the week, Abraxas will be making an appearance at Nublu as well, in conjunction with the recently booked Masada Mini-Marathon, hosted by John Zorn and Aleph Trio. We will be playing along side Erik Friedlander’s Volac, Mycale, and Cyro Baptista’s Banquet of Spirits. Should be an amazing night of music for any fans of John Zorn’s Masada work. I know I’m excited.

The following week is much lighter, but nevertheless, a fun one. Jorge Sylvester’s A.C.E. Collective will be performing Dec 21st at BAM Cafe, one of my favorite venues to play at in New York, followed by a birthday celebration show with the Richard Padron Trio at Fat Cat.

Finally, at the end of the year, there will be a very special performance on behalf of Resolution15. This show is a big one, since it’s our first show back in public since April of this year, with our new bassist Mike Bendy, and celebrating the upcoming release of our new album Svaha! The show will be taking place at The Studio @ Webster Hall and we’ll be performing along side two of my favorite metal bands in New York City: Bangladeafy and the mighty Car Bomb!! If you can be there on the 29th, then you should be. Each band is playing a full set, no half hour bullshits, at a cool venue that’s super easy to get to, and I promise to break something. I promise. It will also be my mission to give Elliot Hoffman a sweaty hug.

I believe that is all the news I have to offer for now. In the upcoming weeks I will try and find some choice videos and pics from the SC3 tour and post them here, but on that note, I would like to public extend my thank you’s to Trey, Timba, Toby, Matt, Web of Mimicry, Olivia, MOOD, Macario, Stephan, Christine, Joel, Steve, Josie, George, Giacomo, John, and Ches, and everyone else involved, for making this tour a beautiful, amazing, fun-filled experience and I am already looking forward to the next time we can all share the stage together!

Till next, be well and as always, may this message find you in the midst of peace and positivity.