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Gear Garage Sale! Part 1

Monday, June 20th, 2011



I’ve decided that some of my gear needs to find a new home since I feel like they’re being neglected by not being played, so I’ve decided to create a pseudo garage sale, sans the garage. For those of you interested in what I’m selling, you can reach me at my phone number 9172829967, or my email kebogrohowski(at)gmail(dot)com, orĀ  via my facebook page. Now, on to the gear for sale this week:


22″ K Constantinople Medium Ride: I bought this ride in High school at an IAJE conference at the behest of my Jazz Band director and it was definitely a great call. If you’re someone with great control, you’ll be able to make this ride cymbal sing with a small group, but it can easily drive a larger ensemble. It responds articulately with the Erskine Ride stick, or any small ball point tipped drumstick. I’ve actually used this cymbal many a time playing lighter rock with great success. There are currently 3 rivet holes, but i would say 1-2 rivets will go a long way with this ride. I usually keep the rivets off and simply use a chain, but either way with or without, the cymbal sounds strong and elegant. The asking price for this versatile ride cymbal is $500


LP Galaxy Fiberglass 11″ Quinto and 11 3/4″ Conga: Some of you may remember that I was trying to sell the two drums earlier, so if you feel this is your second chance, I would suggest going for it! Both drums have had minimal use since i purchased them. They sound amazing and have incredible tone and projection and the “Galaxy Sparkle” finish with the gold plated hardware looks elegant on any stage or photo. Both drums record very well and it was very easy to get the tone I was looking for. These drums can be sold as either a pair or individually if you’re simply looking to add to your setup already. Asking price for these are $450 per drum, or $850 for the pair


13″x6″ 10-ply Keller Shell Snare Drum made by Precision Drum Company: This drum truly is stunning! It can handle from medium low tunings to high tunings with ease, and has a killer sound! The Dunnett R Class strainer makes it incredibly easy to engage and disengage the snares at anytime and is reliably sturdy. The 10-ply really helps with the overall projection and overall crack, making your rimshots effortlessly powerful, while the solid maple shell really sweetens the sound and gives it an ever so round quality. This drum is highly versatile and can handle anything from a quiet to medium loud musical scenarios while making your snare sound very personable. The asking price for this beauty is $450.

Hope to hear from you soon and stay tuned as there will be more gear for sale soon!




Selling My Congas!!!

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

I’ve decided to sell my congas! I’ve had these for several years now, and though the gigs I’ve done with them have been nothing but fun, I feel that I don’t really need them anymore and they would probably serve someone else much, much better.

I’m selling my two LP Galaxy Fiber Glass Congas to whomever is interested. It’s one pair, a 11″ Quinto and a 11 3/4″ Conga. Kind of a strange pairing, I know, but at the time that I bought them, the bigger drums were just out of my price range, but I also couldn’t hang with the Requinto either. Both drums have had minimal use, about 5-6 gigs in total. The hardware is gold plated, and there are spots where there are nicks in the paint, but the drum shells are in good condition and all the hardware works properly.

To start, I’m going to be selling the two congas for:

LP Galaxy Fiber Glass 11″ Quinto… $534.00

LP Galaxy Fiber Glass 11″ 3/4 Conga… $557.00

Listed below is a link for the current pricing of the LP Galaxy Fiber Glass Congas, for your perusal. I would like to sell both drums in one shot, but I’m also willing to sell them individually if you are simply looking to add to what you have already.

If you are interested in either conga or both, you can reach me at either

Kenbogrohowski (at) gmail (dot) com or


Thanks for taking the time to check this out and I look forward to hearing from you!