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2018, Brand X, New(ish) Beginnings

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Greetings (if there ever was one!),

As always, hoping that you are all well and that this finds you in good spirits. It’s been quite sometime since the site has been up and thankfully for good reason! There are changes coming, good ones, that will expand upon what this site has been thus far. When the time is right, we’ll go further into those details. In the meantime, this update has been long overdue so let’s get to it.

As many of you may be aware of, I have recently joined legendary Fusion/Prog innovators, Brand X. For a fairly in-depth interview talking about joining the band and taking over for the incomparable Kenwood Dennard, check out this link from my interview with NewEARS Prog Show. Personally, it is something that I would have never imagined coming to pass, but somehow it has. It is awe-inspiring how life works sometimes. That being said, we will be hitting the road again this Spring for the ‘Locked and Loaded’ tour, once again taking on the east coast of the US– for now. There are plans for this year and next that will take us further across the globe, the Fates willing. For more info on the tour, check out either the itinerary or head over to the Official Brand X page on Facebook to keep tabs on the band.

Continuing in the spirit of new/upcoming releases, John Zorn’s latest offering, Masada: The Book Beriah, is officially out and they are now for all sorts of varieties orders, from digi-paks to Select Vinyls to signed box sets! It is not only a massive honor to be part of this box set, but let alone with two groups that have been both incredibly impactful on my career and hugely instrumental in the more recent musical growth periods, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz’ ‘Abraxas’, and Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3. SC3 will be performing this music soon, along side Zion80 and Cyro Baptista’s Banquet of Spirits at the Symphony Space! Check the link for more info on this epic release. Also on the way this year will be the first recording with a new Zorn band that will be called, ‘Insurrection’, which features both Trevor Dunn and Matt Hollenberg, as well as guitar virtuoso Julian Lage, in a more funk and rocked-out version of what we had cultivated on the various Simulacrum records, which should be released via Tzadik later this year, just in time for us to record the second album later this year. Imperial Triumphant will also be releasing its awaited new full length, ‘Vile Luxuries’, later this year as well and it is a record that we cannot wait to unleash upon the world. Let’s just say, we had an incredibly fun time making this music. We will perform some of the new material at our upcoming show with Krallice and Zevious  at the Mercury Lounge on April 6th.

Thank you for checking in and speak/see you all real soon. Will also be updating the Faceboook page and YouTube page with some video clips from the past Artificial Brain show- will join those dudes one more time for a show coming up at Brooklyn Bazaar along side Crowbar!- that took place at Obnoxious Noise, so stay tuned for that!

Until then, take care,



A New Day, Ever-Edging Forward Into The Future

Sunday, January 1st, 2012


It’s been sometime since I’ve posted here, but I assure you it is all for the right reasons.  From having been keeping busy writing new material for Violin Metal outfit Resolution 15, to working on a new production with Victor ‘Papo’ Ortiz (as a writer and producer), to the emotionally enigmatic beginning of marriage, I find myself on this new year’s day in a near tranquil state, for once.  Almost peaceful I tell you, almost.

With this new day, I look forward to this year, to what the future will bring.  If the Fate’s are kind, you’ll see a whole new slew of music coming your way — and by stating this here I hope I jinx nothing — from the likes of Resolution 15, Hung, a return of one of my old rock bands (of whom I speak will have to remain in secrecy for now, but they know who they are), and yours truly.  I plan to release a few albums/EP’s this year so be sure to keep tabs on this blog, as well as the Itinerary for upcoming information on all these new developments!

In closing, I want to extend to all of you who will have read, who will read, and those who perhaps will never see this page, a wonderful, peaceful, enlightening, and uplifting New Year to you.  May this year bring all of us closer to the realizations of ourselves as we transition into the state of now we call the future.